Become an Appliance Art Affiliate

Appliance Art has great affiliate programs with high conversions rates
 and lucrative payout plans.  Our product is specialized and leads to a
 targeted audience who convert VERY well.  The product has been on many
national TV shows, magazines, and online publications and has created
quite a buzz among consumers, retailers and affiliates.            

Recent Statistics:

Updated 07/09/2011

30 Day EPC:  $69.99
30 Day Conversion:   10.14%
30 Day Average Sale: $45.96
7 Day EPC:  $126.97
7 Day Conversion: 18.4%

Program Description

Appliance Art currently pays a 15% commission to every affiliate.  Affiliates have access to all Appliance Art AND Dishwasher Art banners and text links through the affiliate networks.

You can become an Appliance Art affiliate by joining which is free for publishers.  The benefits of affiliate network memberships include:

•    Access to all Appliance Art banners, links and product feeds.
•    Access to all Dishwasher Art banners, links, and product feeds.
•    Automated payments for transactions.
•    Pre-click reporting on clicks, commissions, and conversion percentages.

The Affiliate Program is actively managed by Greg Hoffman.  Should you have any direct questions about the programs, please contact