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" Thank you for your innovative and creative way to cover my eyesore of a dishwasher. I just purchased a S.S. refrigerator and oven and the dishwasher stuck out like a sore thumb because its old but runs great. I applied the Girlfriends in Paris magnetic cover and, wow, it just looks great. My boyfriend is an artist and rolled his eyes when I told him what I ought. I'm sure he thought it would look tacky. When he saw it, his eyes lit up and he looked so pleasantly surprised.
I no longer am thinking of replacing my old dishwasher, thanks to you. "
Christina - Del Mar, CA

" I have to tell you all that I LOVE MY APPLIANCE ART! Got it and put it up (one for dishwasher, one for clotheswasher) and they are just BEAUTIFUL! Thanks so much! All my friends are loving it, too, so hopefully you'll get some new orders coming your way from them! "
Victoria N - Oakland, Ca.