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Do you ship outside the US?
We now offer shipping to Canada and Mexico. You must choose an international shipping option.

Are there any size restraints? We can print any size with the vinyl material. However with the magnetic material the maximum width for printing area is 24". Also please note that due to the production process actual magnet sizes can vary as much as 1/4" in any direction. The small is defined by a maximum height of 20". The large is defined by any height larger than 20".

Does the bottom portion come with the dishwasher? If you order a large vinyl or magnet option, apply to the surface and use a standard household razor to cut the Appliance Art to separate the kick plate from the door. By doing this, your dishwasher door should open and close freely.

Will the material adhere to my appliance? In most cases the magnet and vinyl covering will adhere to the surface of your appliance without any problem. However, certain models are not magnetic, including but not limited to stainless steel. You must use a vinyl covering on these surfaces. A good test is to take a regular refrigerator magnet and see if it will stick to the surface of your appliance. If it sticks, a magnet covering will work, if not, you will need to go with vinyl.

How easy is it to install Appliance Art? We've put together a pretty comprehensive site dedicated to helping you install your dishwasher door panel cover at Dishwasher Fronts( Depending on the material, Appliance Art dishwasher coverings are easy to install. The magnet covering is as simple as taking it out of the box and placing it on the front of your appliance. A vinyl covering requires a few tools to be installed properly, but is quite simple. To find out more about the installation process download the instructional pdf.

What tools will I need to Install my appliance art? The magnet covering requires no tools and is as simple as taking it out of the box and placing it on the front of your appliance. A vinyl wrap requires a few tools to be installed properly. A squeegee is included with every vinyl purchase, which is used to apply the material to the surface of your appliance. You may also need a sharp knife, masking tape and a ruler. To find out more about the installation process download the instructional pdf.

Do you have art for appliances other than dishwashers? We will be expanding our product offering very soon to include several different types of appliances. Contact us for more information.

Do you accept custom orders? If you have an idea for using appliance art but need a different size than what is listed, have your own art, etc. Contact us for custom orders and pricing.

Is my Appliance Art reusable? Appliance Art can be used over and over again. The magnetic material makes removal and installation a breeze. The vinyl covering is a little more delicate and requires being adhered to a wax paper once it is removed but can be used multiple times on different surfaces.

Are there specific care instructions I need to follow? Appliance Art is easy to care for and can be cleaned with most household cleaners. However any cleaner that contains alcohol or any kind of thinner should never be used on Appliance Art.

What will show up on my credit card statement? All payments to Appliance Art are billed through our parent company. All charges will therefore appear as 'Appliance Art' instead of Appliance Art. Have more questions? Contact our customer care center by emailing us here

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